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A few inches² helping Mélanie Astles to fly

Michelin sponsors Mélanie Astles, the first female pilot competing in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Michelin has been supporting high-level sport for more than 100 years and is continuing this tradition with the partnership sponsoring Mélanie Astles. Her personal journey to overcome many obstacles to become the reigning aerobatics champion of France reflects the passion, perseverance and century-old values of the Michelin group.

Why did Michelin choose Mélanie Astles?
Mélanie Astles is the five-time French aerobatics champion and has finished several times in the top 10 of the world and European Aerobatics championship ranking. Now, as the Challenger Cup pilot, she enters history as the first woman to compete in the Red Bull Air Race, the ‘must-see’ event in aerial aerobatics. An outstanding competitor, Melanie symbolizes the spirit of aviation to the owners of aircraft in this segment, and has a focus and a passion that impressed the Michelin team.
Michelin competes in motorsport events in all vehicle and 2 wheel segments, and aviation is also part of its competitive DNA; in fact as far back 1908 when the first winner of the International Michelin Aviation Trophy was Wilbur Wright.

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