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Bombardier CS100 Aircraft Enters Service with the MICHELIN® Radial Tire with NZG Technology

Michelin Aircraft Tire has announced that the all-new Bombardier CS100 aircraft has entered service with MICHELIN® Radial NZG Technology tires. The maiden commercial flight by CS100 launch operator Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) on July 15, 2016 went from Zurich (Switzerland) to Paris (France).

Michelin, which has been selected as a tire supplier for the all-new C Series twinjet family of aircraft, provides the MICHELIN® Air X® tire for the C Series production line. The C Series family of aircraft has been developed by Bombardier for the 100- to 150-seat market segment

“Michelin worked hand-in-hand with Bombardier on this aircraft,” said Frank Moreau, Michelin Aircraft Tire Company President. “Michelin is committed to providing innovation and safety.” Compared to an equivalent bias tire, the new MICHELIN® Radial NZG Technology tire delivers up to 100% more landings due to a significant improvement in wear. It also provides up to 25% reduction in weight that translates into significant fuel savings for airlines and improves elevated reliability—in particular, by increasing the resistance to damage caused by foreign objects. Combined, these factors will contribute to a reduction in unscheduled maintenance and lead to improved business efficiency for airlines flying the C Series aircraft.