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First connected aircraft tire unveiled at Le Bourget Paris Airshow 2017

On June 20th at the Le Bouget Air Show, Michelin and Safran Landing Systems unveiled the first connected aircraft tire.

The project, called PresSense, involves an electronic pressure sensor fitted directly onto aircraft tires that provides information on tire pressure during ground maintenance operations. A reader connected to a smart phone enables digital data on tires to be collected remotely, without any direct intervention on the tire. This data is then processed to provide operators with information on the condition of the tires and details of any actions to be taken.

This innovation is the result of a two-year collaborative project involving teams from Michelin and Safran Landing Systems. The procedure is far simpler than standard control operations, which require manual checks on the wheel valve using a nanometer. Bearing in mind that airplane tire pressure exceeds 15 bars, this is no easy task!

Vincent Mascré, CEO of Safran Landing Systems, declared, “We are delighted with this partnership with Michelin, a leader in the tire industry and expert in tire innovation and connectivity. Together, we will be able to offer our customers a reliable, high-performance, time-saving solution.”

Frank Moreau, CEO of Michelin Aircraft Tire, added, “The working partnership between the teams from Michelin and Safran Landing Systems, an expert in onboard aeronautical systems, was decisive. The PresSense project is a real technological breakthrough and the latest pioneering tire innovation from Michelin.”