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Michelin Aircraft : Official partner of Paris Air Forum 2020

This year, Michelin Aircraft was an official partner of the 7th edition of the Paris Air Forum.

The event took place from November 20 to 25, 2020 in digital format.

During this event, organized by La Tribune, many people from the aviation sector were present to discuss major aeronautical news topics around conferences, round tables and moments of discussion.

Paris Air Forum 2020 was the occasion for Mauro Sponza, Michelin Aeronautical Activities Director, guest of honor at the show, to introduce Michelin Aicraft Tyre as a supporter of the transformation of the aviation sector to make it more sustainable.


Air transport, a century-old industry which Michelin helped create and develop, is going through an unprecedented crisis. This global pandemic has dramatic economic consequences for the sector. Fear of the virus, border closures, economic recessions, have left traffic sluggish and scores of planes on the ground. Like the entire aeronautical community, the men and women of Michelin stand in solidarity with the sector and stand alongside their partners. Aviation connects people, unites cultures, and contributes to the economic dynamism of businesses and territories. In doing so, it is a vector of progress and prosperity, making possible large-scale innovation, as well as sustainable transformation. Michelin thus intends to support changes in the sector in order to make it more sustainable. Like the rest of its products, Michelin innovates to make its products for aviation safer, more efficient and as always, respectful of the environment” Mauro Sponza, Michelin Aicraft Tyre Director


For more details, download the file below.

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