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MICHELIN® PILOT® Tire selected as Cirrus Original Equipment for SR Series and Trac Aircraft

The MICHELIN® PILOT® aircraft Tire has been selected as original equipment for Cirrus Aircraft ─ the world’s leading manufacturer of piston aircraft.

The Cirrus SR Series aircraft (including the SR20, SR22 and turbo-charged SR22T) and the new Cirrus Trac training aircraft will be equipped with PILOT, tires for the nose and main fitments. Cirrus had been using the MICHELIN Air tire and now will switch to the MICHELIN® PILOT® tire on its line of globally distributed aircraft.

“Cirrus represents the pinnacle in technological leadership in the world of aeronautical mobility,” said Robert Sevener, Michelin global lead, general aviation tires. “Being selected as the tire of choice for Cirrus Aircraft is a proud achievement for the Group.”


The following PILOT tire sizes and part numbers for the Cirrus SR series and Trac planes will be:

15×6.0-6/6/160   Main    025-501-0
5.00-5/6/160       Nose   025-309-0  


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