World Summit on Sustainable Mobility

From ambition to action

« We are deeply convinced that there is no opposition between the development of sustainable mobility, economic development and the development of human activity »

Jean-Dominique Senard, Movin’On Summit 2018

In an ecosystem of more than 5000 leaders from academia, civil society, cities, countries and corporations, Movin’On Summit explores new and actionable solutions to address global challenges that will define the future of mobility.

Partners have chosen to join Movin’On ecosystem promoting better life through sustainable mobility. Through these partnerships, Movin’On deeply examines mobility through the lens of numerous industries and perspectives. Our partners are companies such as Accenture, CGI, Dassault System, Orange, Solvay or Total, disruptive start-ups which challenge tomorrow’s mobility, representatives (Montreal, San Francisco, Lyon or Maebashi in Japan) and countries (among them China, India, Germany or Finland) and actors from civil society (WWF, Greenpeace or Costa Rica Limpia).

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