World Summit on Sustainable Mobility

From ambition to action

Movin’On is the world summit on Sustainable Mobility, it is an ecosystem of more than 5000 leaders from academia, civil society, cities, countries and corporations, Movin’On Summit explores new and actionable solutions to address global challenges that will define the future of mobility.

The Summit Thanks to the Movin’On Lab is all about discover tomorrow’s mobility innovations, share, make connexions and network, challenge and enrich new opportunities and offers and decide on shared positions & actions.

At the end of the day, Movin’On influences the international mobility ecosystems & promote innovative solutions, will create new co-operations, alliances and consortiums, new CoIs, Mobility projects & experimentations

Movin on purpose

It exists because mobility is a primary topic since the world flies. The main goal is reinventing mobility, especially urban mobility, imagine safer means of transport, more efficient people, better communication, becoming a more enjoyable daily life for billions of inhabitants and a more sustainable future for all.

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