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Roanne Air Show: Michelin Aircraft Tyre alongside Kristal Aero

Our Michelin Team will be sitting next to our Kristal Aero distributor during the incoming Roanne Air Show, on the 09/22 and 09/23.

More than 60 airplanes will be showcased during this great event! Spectators will be able to attend alongside thousands of enthusiasts simulations of aerial fights of the first and second World War. Moreover, pyrotechnic effects on the ground and in the air will be proposed. Also, a large civil patrols will present their aerobatics programs as well.

The not unknown TIGRE combat helicopter, the Rafale Solo Display and the Patrouille de France will provide an overview of the crew performance of our air, sea and land forces.

This will be an opportunity for Michelin Aircraft Tire to present our new Michelin® Pilot® tire and for our Kristal Aero distributor to enhance its Michelin tire sales business.

Guest Star! Our ambassador, Melanie Astle, five times champion of France of aerobatics, will be present on the stand on Sunday 23