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The Michelin Corporate Foundation signs a sponsorship agreement with Aviation Sans Frontières

We are pleased to announce that on July 12, 2021, the NGO Aviation Sans Frontières (Aviation Without Borders) and Michelin Corporate Foundation signed a two-year sponsorship agreement.

In line with its values of respect and solidarity, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has decided to commit itself to Aviation Sans Frontières by supporting 2 of its missions: Escorting Sick Children and Medical Couriers.

This two-year sponsorship agreement will support:

  • 600 child convoys 
  • 2833 packages of medical equipment and drugs 

Read the press release for further details.

Press release Michelin Corpoarte Foundation and Aviation Sans Frontières

More about Aviation Sans Frontières: https://www.asf-fr.org/en

More about Michelin Corporate Fundation: https://fondation.michelin.com/en/