Tough enough for flight schools. A great value for private pilots.

Condor aircraft tires offer outstanding durability
and value, which explains why they’ve been popular
with flight schools and private pilots for so many
years. They are tough enough to handle the rigors
of a flight school environment, widely available at
an economical price, and offer the new tire peace
of mind that a retread simply can’t match. For
tires that deliver quality, reliability and high value,
contact your Condor dealer today.

Exceptional Stability

  • Provided by strong side walls, even after frequent hard landings.

Long Tire Life

  • Tough tread for high abrasion resistance and low heat generation.


  • Excellent durability for the money.

Peace of Mind

  • Why settle for a retread
    when you can have a durable,
    high-value Condor tire instead?