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KRISTAL.air, an innovative app designed for the flying enthusiasts

In June 2021, and Michelin launched the innovative KRISTAL.air mobile app, dedicated to everyone who flies light aircraft for fun, sports or travel. Designed for the entire community of flying enthusiasts, it can be used by pilots, flight instructors and flying clubs, as well as by airshow organizers and tourist destination operators.

During the development phase, KRISTAL.air also enjoyed the support of such prestigious partners as the Fédération Française Aéronautique, the Equipe de Voltige de l’Armée de l’Air, French aerobatics champion Mélanie Astles, flight safety engineers, and a large number of enthusiastic pilots and instructors.

A mobile app offering an array of innovative, highly useful features for light aicraft community

Organised into 4 categories (flying community, flight data, challenges and experience-sharing forum) for a wide variety of uses (pilot training, travel and leisure flying, racing and contests, aircraft fleet tracking…), KRISTAL.air app is intended for flying community sharing between enthusiasts.

The new app offers a compelling range of unprecedented innovations. For example, KRISTAL.air can automatically record every flight based on data from the phone’s GPS, barometer and accelerometer, then enable the pilot to view his or her flight in 3D with onboard camera-like playback. A 3D radar view also displays the real-time position of a student pilot, friends in the air, or racing competitors.
The app can also be used to create instructional challenges, races or contests directly on the phone, and supports participation in races and rallies as well as precision flying.
Access to a community of aviation enthusiasts will offer users a myriad of opportunities to share their experience and get inspiration for new flight plans and places to visit, along with tips and advice.

Designed to make general aviation more sustainable

If the KRISTAL.air app is designed to help pilots and meets Michelin Aviation’s ambitions in terms of connected mobility, safety and greater customer intimacy, it is also in line with the Michelin Group’s “All Sustainable” approach.

The enhanced pilot information and the ability to share it will help to improve the plane’s in-flight environmental footprint and user safety in the air while promoting environmentally friendly eco-piloting practices.

For example, the app can track fuel consumption and speed, indicate restricted zones, optimize flight plans and waiting times, and display a collision-avoidance radar screen.


KRISTAL.air app is available for iOS devices (iPhone or iPad), in English and French, and for free! Android and web browser versions will follow soon. 

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About is a registered trademark of KRISTAL Aéronautique SARL, a Lunel, France-based distributor of aircraft parts founded more than 45 years ago. KRISTAL Aéronautique SARL is diversifying its product portfolio, in particular with pilot mobility solutions.

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