Helping the world to fly

The only contact an aircraft has with the ground. When taking off and landing, or guiding the aircraft while taxiing.

A few inches² of first-class, high-performance Michelin aircraft tires. From ground to skies. For complete peace of mind.

A few inches² of premium, high-tech Michelin tires that:

  • Land up to 30,000 times a day
  • Carry more than 10 million people every day
  • Carry up to 35 tons (300 times their actual mass)
  • Resist temperatures from -55°C to +250°C (-67°F to +482°F) when landing
  • Land at speeds of up to 420 kph (260 mph)
  • Contain more than 200 premium raw materials
  • Taxi 15,000km on ground, per tire
  • Are tested up to 4x the recommended air pressure to ensure on-board safety

Without these few inches², nothing is possible.

Michelin aircraft tires. The few inches² that change everything.

Key figures


40 years experience in aircraft tire production

We work alongside 90% of the TOP 20 airline companies

Every 3 seconds our tires take off around the world

Almost 1 in 2 commercial aircraft land with Michelin tires

Aviation operation in 87 countries

250 customers place their trust in us

120 different nationalities

Over 3 million radial aircraft tires have been manufactured

N°1 manufacturer of aviation tire patents



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