General Aviation

Michelin® Aircraft Tyre's general aviation details


We’re Passionate About Your Business

Your business depends on aviation. At Michelin, we clearly understand that and remain 100% committed to provide the tires and related services you need to succeed in your mission.

We’re Passionate About Your Lifestyle
For most aviators, flying is more than a hobby or profession. It’s a passion, part of a lifestyle that relishes the sense of adventure and freedom that human flight provides. For many, that passion also extends to the aircraft and everything about it, including its tires – something we are very passionate about.

Our Passion runs deep
As our history proves, Michelin never stops innovating. Building on our heritage of offering ultra high performance tires for cars and motorcycles, MICHELIN® Pilot® aircraft tires are designed to be the best tire money can buy for propeller driven aircraft, offering the latest high performance features.

The finer things in life
Owning an airplane says a lot about who you are. Chances are you enjoy adventure, travel, and many of the finer things in life. As a lifestyle company, Michelin’s portfolio of best-in-class lifestyle planning and support companies can help you create experiences that will last a lifetime.