MICHELIN® AIR® – The tire for demanding pilots

Just the right balance of performance and durability.

Michelin ® AIR TM tires are designed to provide:

  • A very long tire life and lower maintenance costs due to fewer tire changes
  • Exceptional balance for smooth taxiing,even wear, and heat resistance
  • Our maximum protection against sidewall cracking caused by ozone and UV light
  • Excellent lateral stability and impact absorption, even under rough landing conditions

It takes just the right balance of materials to make a great tire. And in the Michelin ® AIR TM tire those materials work together very effectively to help provide you with dependable performance throughout a long tire life.

Deep Tread Depth

  • Thick rubber in the tread area helps provide for a long tire life.
  • Contributes to lower maintenance costs due to fewer tire changes.

Customized Rubber Compounds

  • Sidewall is optimized for both ozone and ultraviolet light protection which helps reduce ozone cracking in key areas of the tire.
  • Provides our maximum amount of exterior wear and crack resistance for a long tire life.

Unique Bead Construction

  • Provides a firm (tight) fit to help reduce movement between the tire and wheel.
  • Helps improve lateral stability for a long tire life, even under rough landing conditions.

Contoured Shoulder Design

  • Helps absorb lateral impacts associated with landing.
  • Designed to help the tire achieve a full life, even under adverse conditions.

Optimized Casing Design

  • Proprietary Michelin production processes help balance stresses within the tire structure. Strong, yet lightweight nylon cords are designed to exceed strict industry standards for overpressure strength.
  • Results in an effi cient, lightweight product with excellent balance properties for smooth taxiing, even wear, and resistance to heat buildup for a long tire life.