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Michelin Aircraft Director, Mauro Sponza, is the guest on this week’s “Podcast de l’Aviation”

Michelin Aircraft director, Mauro Sponza, is in the news! 📰

He was the guest on this week’s “Podcast de l’Aviation”. 🛫

👉 Watch the video below!


“The Michelin Group has a long history in aeronautics dating back to the beginning of aviation. Currently, it holds a 50% market share in commercial aviation tires, but is also present in the general aviation and military markets.” 👏

In this podcast, Mauro Sponza explains that the Michelin Group is pursuing its research into improving aircraft tires, focusing all its efforts on reducing mass. “A great deal of progress has been made in terms of innovations, but further progress is expected with the use of new materials and processes, which require significant investment.