Explore the Michelin Cup Challenge Revival 2024: An aeronautical competition that honors the early aviation races initiated by André Michelin in 1908. With challenges designed to test precision and safety in flight, seize your chance to partake in a historic adventure and push the boundaries of modern aviation.

MICHELIN CUP CHALLENGE REVIVAL 2024: reviving the spirit of historic aeronautical challenges 🛫

Michelin is pleased to announce the launch of the Michelin Cup Challenge Revival 2024, in partnership with the Fédération Française Aéronautique (FFA), which has more than 50,000 members and 600 flying clubs, VINCI Airports, which manages the Clermont-Ferrand airport where the prize-giving ceremony will take place, and the KRISTAL.air mobile application dedicated to the aviation community.


🏆 What is the Michelin Cup Challenge Revival?

Michelin Cup Challenge Revival recaptures the spirit of the pioneers of aviation by harking back to the Michelin Aviation Cup, a competition conceived by André Michelin in 1908. From May to June 2024, FFA licensed pilots are invited to participate in the 6-phase competition, to be performed in under one-hour at their respective flight schools. The performances will be digitally recorded via the mobile application KRISTAL.air developed by Kristal Aero. The results will be analyzed by a committee comprising members of the FFA, Michelin and Kristal Aero, who will pick the winners. One award will be given for piloting combustion engine aircraft, while a second will honor the electric plane category. The accolades aim to showcase flight agility and safety. Finally, the most committed flying club will also be recognized.


🎯 Discover the tests to perform:


➡️The climb (maintain speed),

➡️The heart (follow a complex route with precision),

➡️Forbidden cylinders (avoid overflight zones),

➡️Balloons (crossing turning points),

➡️Infinity (hold safely),

➡️And descent (stabilize your variometer).

⏯️ A little background

The 1908 Michelin Aviation Cup required pilots to fly from Paris to Clermont-Ferrand in under 6 hours, with the challenge of landing on the Puy de Dôme. The aim was to promote the development of the then-fledgling aviation industry. Two influential books, “Our Future is in the Air” published by André Michelin in 1912 and “Our Safety is in the Air” published in 1919, look back at the glorious French aviation saga, with André Michelin emphasizing the importance of safety during competitions.

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Michelin Cup Challenge Revival
Between 1 May and 30 June 2024, FFA licence holders will be able to take part in this new challenge in partnership with Michelin, the FFA and Kristal.Aero.