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NEW ! Michelin introduces MICHELIN® PILOT®

MICHELIN is launching a high-performance bias tire, the MICHELIN® PILOT®, a tire designed for piston and turboprop aircraft to provide extra-long tire life, exceptional tread life and all-weather protection

The Michelin Pilot is designed to have extra-long tire life as a result of an improved carcass construction that delivers increased durability and improved resistance to foreign object damage. The tire incorporates the latest high-technology ozone-resistant compounds into the sidewall rubber. The natural contour-mold profile promotes casing equilibrium for improved footprint-pressure distribution in the contact patch. By significantly improving overall tire life, pilots may achieve more take-offs and landings while purchasing fewer tires.

Designed with additional belt plies that strengthen the crown area, the Michelin Pilot helps deliver improved wear and exceptional tread life. The tire’s exclusive manufacturing process creates built-in balance for smooth taxiing and even tire wear, helping to provide true-track taxi, take-offs and landings for propeller-driven aircraft.

The Michelin Pilot tire, crafted with highly-durable rubber compounds, has up to 21 per cent deeper skid depth.  A natural contour carcass line reduces ply stresses and the tubeless-tire design reduces the combined tire-wheel weight and helps eliminate tire creep (the tendency of a tire to move around the wheel hub at touchdown). This high-performance bias tire can also be used with a tube, delivering the same enhanced performance to pilots who use tube-type rims.

Long-term ozone and UV light protection incorporated into the tire provides all-weather protection. The two wide grooves in the tire tread evacuate water efficiently on wet runways, and promote excellent resistance to hydroplaning for safer operations in wet-weather conditions.

The Michelin Pilot is currently available in two sizes for the United States, Canada and Europe: 15×6.00-6 6/160 and 5.00-5 6/160. Three additional sizes will be available later in 2018, with the sixth size targeted for 2019.

The Michelin Pilot offers state-of-the-art features for piston and turbo-prop applications, and reflects Michelin’s proven history of developing ultra-high-performance tires

To learn more about MICHELIN® PILOT®  tires, visit https://aircraft.michelin.com/michelin-pilot-high-performance-bias-tires

Michelin Pilot – press release


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