What is “Natura’Ladoux”

Natura’Ladoux is a non-profit organization created in 2016 and based in the town of Ladoux, center of France.
Its purpose is to inventory biodiversity and monitor its evolution; protect biodiversity, improve the state of composition and quantitative representation of species on the Michelin’ European research & development center.

The association carries out various actions on the ground – not all differentiated lawns, installation of feeders and nest boxes, etc.-  without forgetting excursions discovered or thematic on the site.

The association does a lot of work on the ground: varying mowing patterns to protect orchids, building nest boxes and bird tables for passerines, organizing observation walks around the footpaths, and planting an orchard, and more recently constructing an insect hotel…

Michelin Aircraft Tyre, would like to find a way to create a focus in sustainable development and biodiversity… Natura’Ladoux organization provides that. This is why Michelin Aircraft Tyre supports Natura’Ladoux providing them with equipment for observing wildlife, for example.

Ladoux’s site Ladoux’s biodiversity



Bibendum welcomes & protects our feathered friends

Between the numerous pneumatic tests carried out on the famous track of the European center of Michelin research & development, biodiversity finds its place and feels good!

Discover these birds in pictures:

Turtle Dove Variable Nozzle Yellow Wagtail
Skylark Northern Lapwing Polyglot Hypolaïs
Roussarolle effarvatte Greenfinch of Europe Falcon Hobereau


Natura’Ladoux’s apiary

Composed of 5 hives, Michelin European R&D center, first apiary was installed on April 26th 2018.

Meeting with Mathilde Guibert, President of the Natura’Ladoux organization:

This project was born thanks to the passion of three Michelin employees for beekeeping, the desire of the management of the Michelin European R&D center to make concrete in our workplace the Michelin Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility, and the motivation of Natura’Ladoux organization to promote biodiversity.

The five hives are inhabited by black bees from Pontaumur, endemic to Puy de Dôme and maintained by beekeepers employed by Michelin, graduates of apicultural health technicians. The prevention provisions for the risks associated with the installation of this apiary are defined and implemented with the help of the Environment and Prevention Department.

Natura Ladoux installs an apiary on the Ladoux site